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To maintain your laminated brows please take note of the below:

  • Don’t get your brows wet for 24 hours – including steam/sauna/sunbeds/sweating/swimming

  • Avoid harsh scrubs, peels or any products containing alcohol in the brow area

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  • When brows are wet set them back into shape by brushing up 

  • Use oil based eye makeup remover – be gentle 

  • Brush brows regularly into desired position

  • If possible avoid sleeping on face- especially when brows are setting

  • Use conditioning brow serums/ castor oil daily to avoid any damage or brittleness – this is important 

  • It’s important to remember this treatment requires a chemical process – just like hair perming or bleaching. We nourish our hair after chemical procedures so the same applies with brow lamination aftercare. 

  • If aftercare is not followed this can cause dry, brittle brows leading to breakage and potential hair loss. 

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