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Keep those lashes clean! With our special foaming lash cleaner you will be able to keep your lashes healthy and clean. This is a MUST HAVE for lash extension aftercare.

Make up, natural oils, dirt and debris can affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions.


Our high quality eyelash foam cleanser easily and gently removes any impurities without breaking down the adhesive bond. This can also be used by lash techs prior to treatment to ensure clients natural lashes are clean and the adhesive will bond better.


Not forgetting to mention you get a FREE eyelash cleansing brush. This super soft brush is made of fibres that are gentle on your eyelash extensions. This means you will be able to cleanse your lash line precisely. Our brush is also anti-bacterial which means no germs!

The Little Lash Company Lash Cleaner

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